[3830] MnQP AD0DX Mobile Single Xmtr LP

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Tue Feb 9 07:41:01 EST 2016

                    Minnesota QSO Party

Call: AD0DX
Operator(s): AD0DX
Station: AD0DX

Class: Mobile Single Xmtr LP
Operating Time (hrs): 8

 Band  CW-RTTY Qs  Ph Qs
Total:     100      300  Mults = 50  Total Score = 20,000



My wife and I came up MN for the MNQP, stopping along the way to also do some
NPOTA activations.  We left Kansas City on Friday and stopped along the
Missouri River for the Lewis and Clark Trail (TR09) and then we stopped at
Ponca State Park in Nebraska  which is in the Missouri Natl Rec River, WR05.

This is my second qso party using my Ford Ranger.  Previously I had used my
Chevy Venture, which was nice due to the large metal roof.  But engine noise
got worse and worse and I had to retire it.

We did a simple route covering only 12 counties so that we could spend two
hours at Pipestone National Monument MN61 for NPOTA doing a dual activation. 
Currently I have two Hustler verticals with mag mounts, one for cw and one for
phone.  I can only use one at a time; the one in the bed of the truck has a
high swr and I can't transmit with it.

So for most of the day I was operating cw or phone.  I started out on cw,
switching between 20 and 40. 

Things were going pretty smoothly until about 1pm when we witnessed a rollover
on the hwy and stopped to offer assistance.  The driver was fine but we lost
about 45 min which resulted in us skipping Lincoln county.

The staff at the Pipestone Natl Monument were very friendly and we met Cory
N0CEK who was operating there all day.  We also met another ham at the office
who sponsored my wife and I while visiting the monument and saved us the $7
entrance fee; thanks! (sorry but I missed his call).

My score is approximate; I made two separate logs, one while mobile in the MNQP
and a separate log for NPOTA to upload to LOTW.  Overall I had about 400 q's.  I
probably should have spent more time on 40m to get a few more mults.

Thanks to everyone for the q's both from MN also while operating NPOTA.

I also want to say thanks to everyone who waited for me while I changed the
computer to a new county, gave my wife directions and waited until we passed
out of some bad electrical noise along the road.  We stopped in Walnut Grove
(Little House on the Prairie) for a food break around noon and the electrical
noise there was terrible.

All cw was sent by hand or using the memories on my K3.  I really need to get
my WinKeyer back up and running so that I can crank my speed up to 32 / 34 and
get some better rates going.

On the way back to Kansas City we stopped at the Mormon Trail Center in Nebrask
to activate TR08 to activate NPOTA.  Beautiful location and I went inside to get
permission to operate and also got a short tour and history lesson.  Very
friendly staff here.

73's and hope to work you in the OKQP in a few weeks.

Ron, AD0DX
ad0dx [at] yahoo

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