[3830] ARRLDX CW W2IRT SO Unlimited HP

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Sun Feb 21 18:24:46 EST 2016

ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: W2IRT
Operator(s): W2IRT
Station: W2IRT

Class: SO Unlimited HP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   34    30
   80:  102    61
   40:  337   104
   20:  259   102
   15:  306   110
   10:   69    50
Total: 1107   457  Total Score = 1,517,697

Club: Frankford Radio Club


It was a weird week culminating with no real sleep for 3 days before the contest
and no time for a nap on Friday afternoon. As a result I just wasn't able to
keep my eyes open or my mind alert for most of the first 36 hours. My revised
goal was a paltry 1000 Qs and DXCC on 3 or more bands and I did that by mid day
Sunday. Normally this is my second-favourite contest of the season after
CQWW-SSB but not this year.

Equipment wise everything was mostly OK. This was the first major CW contest
for the K3s and it's just amazing in close-in piles. Adding my own Skimmer with
LP-PAN didn't do anything good (in fact it was more a problem than anything) so
I shut it down. Some RF into N1MM caused headaches on 20m, which was unexpected
and never happened before. Amp, radio and antennas were flawless.

With major oral surgery pending next week, I don't know how much talking I'll
be able to do the week after for the SSB edition. But for now, all I want to do
is sleep for 3 days straight.

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