[3830] ARRLDX CW N5QQ SO Unlimited HP

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Sun Feb 21 19:51:33 EST 2016

ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: N5QQ
Operator(s): N5QQ
Station: N5QQ

Class: SO Unlimited HP
Operating Time (hrs): 13

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:   16    12
   40:   75    45
   20:  160    79
   15:  215    87
   10:   43    33
Total:  509   256  Total Score = 389,376

Club: DFW Contest Group


Thanks to all for the Q's....got some time in the chair throughout the weekend,
finishing with a 2hr shot right up to closing time. 

Was mainly S&P chasing MULTS except for one full hour RUN on Sunday morning
when 15m was booming.

Nothing broke except the KPA got a little ornery during the 15m run...was
overheating(?) and shutting off....temp in shack was 80+degs...didn't have A/C
going...dunno.....thinks it's time to go and get me another Alpha99....really
enjoyed using that amp....

Ain't calling names but you know, you really got to QUIT CALLING the
pile-up/rare mult station over and over and over (without stopping) so he can
respond to a station! Everyone needs to hear him, and he can move on to the
next Q...good grief...just for fun I stopped and counted one particular
offending station's calls...he called 18 times during ONE exchange with barely
one second between each call....it was awful.... 

Ron N5QQ
KPA500 amp
T8 Log periodic @ 55ft
Butternut HF6V on roof

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