[3830] ARRLDX CW W4IX SO Unlimited LP

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Sun Feb 21 20:01:17 EST 2016

ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: W4IX
Operator(s): W4IX
Station: W4IX

Class: SO Unlimited LP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   35    26
   80:  115    59
   40:  399    95
   20:  618    97
   15:  996   107
   10:  148    59
Total: 2311   443  Total Score = 3,069,990

Club: Swamp Fox Contest Group


Thanks to everyone around the world who participated in this awesome contest!!
I originally planned on doing this as SOABHP Unlimited from the NQ4I Staion but
found out on Monday there was weather related equip. issues and not enought time
to get the station ready so I decided to do it from my staion but LP. I was
worried about my low band antennas ( HF2V for 80 & 40 ) and the 160 meter
Inv. L so I reworked the 160 L, added an 80 meter Inv. L and a 40 meter Inv V
in some trees around the yard. I wasn't too thrilled about the location of the
40 Inv. V (close to the house and 80 Inv. L) so I decided to move the 40 meter
Inv. V to to a taller tree at the corner of my lot. I also put up an 80 Inv. V
where the 40 was for the heck of it. Well on contest morning I decided to move
the 80 Inv. V ( one leg went over the house and tied off to my mailbox) I found
a tall tree in the wooded area of my property and went to work. The location was
great and not too far from my shack. The 40 Inv. V was much better than the
small vertical and 160 L in tuned for 40 with an MFJ Tuner. I actually had a
qso with a VU2 station the night before just after the sun went down. So I was
pretty content with my station setup and antennas on contest day. The only
issue I had is for some reason my computer does not like 80 meters and when i
tried to send with the keyboard it locked up. I thought it was my antennas and
messed around a bit trying to find a solution but. The only thing that worked
was to unplug the keying line from the back of the radio. I have separate
keying at the moment. My paddle plugs into the front of the FT1000MP and I just
turn the internal keyer on and off as needed ( I cant use the paddle and the
compuer keying at the same time. ) so the solution was o just unplug the keying
line and manually send when working on 80 meters. No Big Deal. The Contest was
great. I actually operated the entire 48 hours. Condx. were pretty decent ( I
don't know why the A index always seems to go up on these major contest
weekends..but we had a mixture good and so so condx. 40 was great all weekend.
I was actually hearing signals on 20 and 15 here before the sun came up
saturday morning but no repeat on sunday morning. The Sunday afternoon 10 meter
opening was awesome. I checked 10 now and then all morning and nothing but the
next time I went I heard a 20 over 9 HG6N so I hooked up my 5 element 105BAS
antenna and found a freq. and went to town. From 1553Z to 1655Z I made approx.
120 Q's in 30 countries..." Theres no meters like 10 meters!! ". 
73's until the next one.....

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