[3830] ARRLDX CW K8BKM SO Unlimited LP

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Sun Feb 21 20:03:01 EST 2016

ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: K8BKM
Operator(s): K8BKM
Station: K8BKM

Class: SO Unlimited LP
Operating Time (hrs): 14:28

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    4     4
   80:   28    22
   40:  121    60
   20:  219    74
   15:  316    92
   10:   55    33
Total:  743   285  Total Score = 635,265

Club: Mad River Radio Club


Part-time operation. I was afraid the wind would take down my tower and wires
Friday night here in Michigan. Lost power twice briefly Friday night, but it
wasn't a problem because I didn't even start operating until Saturday morning.

I wasn't prepared for or even wanting to put much time into this contest, so I
started out just looking for band slots to pad my DXCC totals. It didn't take
long to get hooked and I ended up spending quite a bit of BIC time Saturday
while my wife was at work. Took the evening off and got back at it Saturday
night on the low bands. Back at it early Sunday morning pretty much throughout
the day until mid-afternoon. 

I found the higher bands to be in good shape, especially 15 meters, and found
an endless supply of Q's to work. Even had a few good runs on 20 and 15. Had a
pipeline into central Europe, working tons of DL and OK/OM stations. 

Of course, so many KW reports, and lots of 100's. There was an odd 150, 200,
300, 400, 750, etc. Some sent 99 instead of 100 (or ATT for you cut-number
enthusiasts). Also heard 73(W), 5, 50, 75, and I'm pretty sure I copied a

Worst call of the contest goes to DP65HSC. YUCK! And it's a special call for a
CW club! They're going to wear out the dit-maker chip in their keyer with that
call sign. Took me three repeats to finally "get it". You can have

Was hoping to get a run of JA's late Sunday but I had to cut out early for
dinner with the family. 

What a great US-centric DX contest. Hey world - call me! Thanks to all the DX
who participated. 

73, Tom

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