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Sun Feb 21 23:41:59 EST 2016

ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: TI5W
Operator(s): N3KS KL9A WX3B
Station: TI5W

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:  500    57
   80:  782    59
   40: 1368    61
   20: 1692    61
   15: 1575    60
   10: 1316    58
Total: 7233   356  Total Score = 7,723,776

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Thanks to everyone who participated, and for us this was one of the most fun
contests we've operated from the Ti5W station.  
It had a little bit of everything, - constant power outages on Friday before
the contest that had us wondering if there was enough propane to run the
generator (in the end we had no power outages during the contest), RFI hunting
up and down the street before the contest that finally identified a streetlight
sensor that has been causing S7 hash on most of the bands (thanks to N4GG for
the design of a great 160m loop that we also used as an RX antenna on 80m
because our new 8-circle array was too close to the offending streetlight
noise), high winds that made us wonder if the antennas would stay up; but in
the end we got off to a great start - with KL9A posting six straight 200+ hours
to begin the contest and a peak of 269/hr to get us off to the races.  Hardware
issues were mainly resolved without being too costly in terms of time lost, but
we did have the main radio melt down due to a broken cooling fan inside it, and
our amp kept tripping on 80m for no reason we could figure out during the

We'd also like to mention the kindness and support of our neighbors Donald and
Pip who went out of their way to help us track down the streetlight RFI and
were so supportive in general.  
We found all the bands to be quite productive, with a great four hour 10m
opening early Saturday which supported contacts from coast to coast with us. 
15m picked up where 10m left off, 20m was strong; the low bands were good and
by the halfway point of the contest we had 4430 contacts in the log. We were
typically 'late' getting to 40m, 80m, and 160m because the high bands supported
good rates later than usual for us.  10m was not quite as good for us on Sunday,
but 15m provided a good number of Q's later in the day and then we finished the
contest  on 20m.  
A big thank you to the stations that moved bands for us, and those that were
willing to QSY in order to try making a Q on bands that they thought were dead
at their QTH.

Kam  N3KS

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