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Mon Feb 22 11:14:37 EST 2016

ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: VP5K
Operator(s): AC0W K0PC
Station: VP5K

Class: M/S LP
Operating Time (hrs): 45

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:  364    51
   80:  666    57
   40: 1155    59
   20:  793    59
   15: 1172    59
   10:  445    43
Total: 4595   328  Total Score = 4,513,608

Club: Minnesota Wireless Assn


It was just a two man operation this year as work commitments kept K0MD in MN.
Bill AC0W and Pat K0PC were determined to fly the MWA flag for the contest. Our
host Jody had the Hamlet ready for us even though she was visiting the US while
we were in VP5.

We had everything set up and humming two days before the contest. Then two
hours before the start the feedline on the 20/15/10 beam became intermittent.
It was very windy and the cable blew around once too many times. No way to
climb the tower so we had to scramble. We built a fan dipole and were able to
raise it about 12 feet off the ground (albeit with a sea view). It didn't
perform like a beam but we were able to salvage the contest.

We were very happy with the low band numbers running low power. A two element
beam on 40M and dipoles on 80M & 160M played very well. A six band sweep
was awarded to 72 stations out of the 2276 unique callers.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We hope to be back in 2017 for another
running of ARRL DX CW.

Pat K0PC & Bill AC0W

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