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Mon Feb 22 21:00:10 EST 2016

ARRL DX Contest, CW

Call: N1UR
Operator(s): N1UR
Station: N1UR

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 44
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   42    35
   80:  185    58
   40:  895    91
   20: 1010    91
   15: 1116    97
   10:  147    67
Total: 3385   445  Total Score = 4,483,280



Great contest.  Lots of fun.  Still need to work on my high power
skills but enjoying every minute of the process.

The conditions up north here were the worst I have ever experienced on
80 and 160.  Not sure why they were so bad based on the numbers.  There
must have been "hang over" from the storm conditions earlier in the
I have never not been able to run on 80 during EU sunrise but that was the
case pretty much both days.  Any path north of the MED from here was a 
disaster on 80 and 160.  And 40 shut down early both nights - pretty much
0100Z on day one here.  When the "finger of death" coms down and taps
its a long slog at night.

Also had a bad Murphy issue hit me in the middle of the morning Saturday 
runs where one of my Hard Lines went totally dead.  It took me 5 mins to
recover from the shock and determine what to do.  5 mins to determine
that the issue was not that far away.  20 mins to inspect and diagnose
the 2 connections that it could be and hand tighten a potential culprit
connector.  Another 5 mins to see if it fixed the problem.  And another
12 hours of praying to hope it lasted the rest of the contest.  It did.

I will replace that HL connector this weekend.

Rates were great if it was 40M before 01Z or 20 and 15 whenever they were
10M was fleeting but there to EU on Sunday.  I can see from RBN spots today
that my signal was being heard when I CQ'd but there weren't many callers.
Still, it allowed me to double my mult count with 1 hour of CQing.

I enjoyed a small JA run Sunday night on 15M figuring that it could be the 
last one for this contest for many years.  No JA on 10. 

BRING ON the packet pile-ups...no complaint here.

Always a shock to hear how tiny some of the KW signals are and how loud some of
the 5W 
signals are.



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