[3830] CQ160 SSB K7XC Single Op Assisted HP

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Sun Feb 28 09:38:58 EST 2016

CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB

Call: K7XC
Operator(s): K7XC
Station: K7XC

Class: Single Op Assisted HP
QTH: DM09jh NV
Operating Time (hrs): 6.50

Total:  QSOs = 168  State/Prov = 38  Countries = 7  Total Score = 18,540

Club: Northern California Contest Club


Furious levels of activity at the beginning and only 4 of us CQing at Sunrise
Sunday. Used the occasion to try N1MM's SSB keyer using audio files recorded on
the fly. After a steep learning curve I managed to make a couple of quality
audio files which helped a lot as I had a huge headache all weekend. Sorry to
those who called without receiving a reply as the power pole in my front yard
was on full tilt boogey when it came to making noise. Thank God for the K3's
ability to handle all kinds of QRM or I would have given up. Not sure there was
another NV station active as everyone I worked was very grateful for a new Mult!
Elecraft K3, IC-2KL @ 500W, Inverted "L" that is 40' tall and 165'
total length with only 5 radials sitting atop the sand that is my 5 acre lot in
Northern Nevada. Looking forward to the ARRL DX SSB now that I got a handle on
the automatic sending of audio files with N1MM. KB!

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