[3830] NCQP K3TD Mobile Mixed LP

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Sun Feb 28 22:38:47 EST 2016

North Carolina QSO Party

Call: K3TD
Operator(s): K3TD K4QPL
Station: K3TD

Class: Mobile Mixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 9.4

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:   42      4      0
   40:  299     81      0
   20:  128      4      0
   15:    0      0      0
   10:    0      0      0
    6:    0      0      0
    2:    0      0      0
Total:  469     89      0  Mults = 82  Total Score = 130,170

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


This was a fun day. Beautiful weather, no visits from Murphy and a lot of
activity with good band conditions. Tad did the hard work on SSB while Jim
enjoyed the CW runs. Our target was 10 counties in 10 hours with the objective
of spending an hour in each county mixed bands/modes. We were mostlyl on
schedule but ended up back in WAK before time was up so we made a few more Q's
for County 11 before a half hour Bojangles break and arriving home at 0103Z.
Thanks for all the great "followers". It was like hearing old friends
when we activated a new county. We had no "Clean Sweeps" but KV8Q came
close with 10 missing only WIL. The "Great Ears" award for DX goes to
DL3XXX who worked us in 9 out of 11 counties missing only our first ROB and
last WAK which was unworkable as we were on 80/75 there after dark. Several
other DX stations had more than one Q.

We made a point of changing bands and modes often to give everyone a chance to
work us and for Tad and I to give each other breaks. We checked 15M from time
to time but it never seemed to open. We were also amazed at the amount of line
noise in the rural counties. Seemed like we'd go along for miles next to power
lines emitting a continuous buzz like a power saw. We apologize to many
stations we just couldn't pull through the noise and the poor rx capability of
a mobile antenna. 

Auxiliary 12V battery for voltage stability; Elecraft K3s; P3 Panadapter;
Tarheel 160-10M Screwdriver; Hamstick 20M as quick change antenna (but didn't
match the Tarheel for performance). Software N1MM+, all packed into a Honda
Pilot SUV with one seat folded down to hold a shelf and the "weapons
officer" on duty riding starboard aft position.

Thanks again and see y'all next year.


Jim, K4QPL
Tad, K3TD

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