[3830] CQ160 CW W9QL Single Op QRP

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Sun Jan 31 16:18:57 EST 2016

                    CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW

Call: W9QL
Operator(s): W9QL
Station: W9QL

Class: Single Op QRP
QTH: Illinois
Operating Time (hrs): 1.5

Total:  QSOs = 51  State/Prov = 25  Countries = 2  Total Score = 3,000

Club: Society of Midwest Contesters


Well, there's a first time for everything. My G5RV will not tune on 160, so I
was not sure I would even attempt any Q's in this contest. However, I was able
to hear pretty well and decided to try QRP, where the rig would not fold back
with the high SWR (7:1 or so). With 5 watts out from the rig, my Diamond meter
said I was putting out about 3 watts into the antenna. I was able to manage 51
Q's in about 1.5 hours of operating. I have to thank everyone who worked me for
being patient, as it took most folks two to three tries to copy my exchange. 

FTdx5000 with a G5RV at 35 ft.

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