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Sun Jul 10 12:56:05 EDT 2016

IARU HF World Championship

Call: K1TN
Operator(s): K1TN
Station: K1TN

Operating Time (hrs): 11

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:    0                      
   80:    3                      
   40:  192                      
   20:  232                      
   15:    3                      
   10:    0                      
Total:  430     0      41      51  Total Score = 103,592



What miserable conditions. My antenna sure works a lot better in the winter.
Only saving graces this weekend were, all on 40 Meters, a 5W, a V73, and two
each VK, ZL, and JA. 

This completes two full contest cycles from my latest home, in Florida. My
only antenna is a 65-foot end-fed wire, about 20 feet above ground, from an
apartment window to a tree. It's the best I will ever have here. It gets
me on the air with, so far, no neighbor or HOA hassles.

It really hurts my feelings to hear locals running with their big, fancy beam
antennas, and I can usually hear most of the stations who call them. When I
call CQ, dead air follows. But I have been doing a lot more CQing just because
I don't think enough people do. And I usually get a smattering of callers. 

Two years ago I managed to get on from here in just a couple of weeks after
moving in, with wires indoors. What a disaster! RF everywhere, even in my

My best weekend for QSOs in the past two years was the 2016 ARRL DX CW (482). I
limit my operating and I know when the optimum times are for my station but they
don't always work out with my nap schedule. 

Thanks to the folks who make the 3830 Reflector possible. I now have posted 12
years of my results and comments here and maybe someday I will organize them
and write a memoir. 


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