[3830] FlQP K4KG/M(@K5KG) SWL LP

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Mon May 2 10:08:42 EDT 2016

Florida QSO Party

Call: K4KG/M
Operator(s): K5KG VE7ZO
Station: K5KG

Class: SWL LP
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
Total:  2270   319  CW Mults = 66  Ph Mults = 58  Total Score = 1,205,032

Club: Florida Contest Group


It was good to be back in the mobile saddle again after a year off as a fixed
station at K5KG.  Geo and I had never activated all the Florida counties in the
many years we have participated so that we included the panhandle in our route
planning.  As it worked out though, the objective of working all of the
counties remained unfulfilled as we ran out of time to work SAN and ESC on
Saturday night.  Route planning, a large part of the fun and strategy of the
FQP requires a little refinement as who would of thought it would take an hour
to get through POL, home of Disney World on a Saturday afternoon?  After this
rough start, tried to get back on schedule after but came up a bit short. 
Weather was clear and trouble free for the contest, the drive along the gulf on
Sunday morning a highlight.

Geo's Toyota Highlander roof now sports a four vertical antenna farm on a
compact platform. These are mounted on the luggage rails with a Hustler 40M on
the trailer hitch.  Credit to Geo's engineering skills that we had no equipment
issues during the test.  Rig was a K3 and we used WinTest for logging.

Conditions on 20M were so outstanding for North America that we shifted to 40M
only briefly to pick up a few southeast states and then closed on 20M Saturday
night. Strong signals from the west coast made this event memorable with W7OM,
W6KC, W7GKF, K6NA and others consistently in the log.  Only missed NE (both
modes) DC and AK on CW.  The VE3's were out in force as usual (thanks CCO!) but
where were the prairies and west coast?  No VE4 to VE7 on any mode.  Working
mixed, we so much appreciate the stations that move to SSB to give us the phone
mult.  Thanks also to those outstanding ops who make that fast switch to SSB
including K9PG, K0HC, WA3HAE, K3WW, K8MR, K0RC, K0RI, VE3CX, and others.

When entering the claimed score, the only Class selection that could be in the
entry form was SWL.  Our entry is in the Mobile, Single Transmitter, Mixed,
Multi Op.

Thanks for all the Q's look for you next year.

Team KG,


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