[3830] NewEngQP K7DR Single Op LP

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Mon May 9 02:36:02 EDT 2016

New England QSO Party

Call: K7DR
Operator(s): K7DR
Station: K7DR

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW-Dig Qs  Ph Qs
   80:     13       0
   40:     50       0
   20:     15       0
   15:      0       0
   10:      0       0
Total:     78       0  Mults = 30  Total Score = 4,680



FT-dx3000 100 watts
40M OCFD at 25 feet
70 feet end fed wire
Write Log 12.03E

Last year 7 land had the better signals and I concentrated on 7QP, this year I
was hearing the W1's better so ran the NEQP. Most stations got me on the first
call, and I had a very few repeats. The geo-magnetic storm hit around midnight
EDT and signals on 80 had a lot of Au flutter and some dispersion too. At the
same time condx went downhill from W1, the west coast was coming in
surprisingly well on 80, even with the t-storm static. The K Index hit 7 and
stayed above 5 for the rest of the weekend. Signals were weaker Sunday
afternoon on 40, but the background noise had quieted down and could copy weak
signals pretty well.

Dave - K7DR MI

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