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Thu May 12 00:11:25 EDT 2016

CWops Mini-CWT Test - 0300Z May 12

Call: WB5EIN
Operator(s): WB5EIN
Station: WB5EIN

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Tupelo, MS
Operating Time (hrs): :46

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   40:  43     34
   20:  17     16
   15:   3      3
Total:  63     53  Total Score = 3,339

Club: Deep Dixie CC


Whew!  Back to low power for the 0300z run!  But, 'twas much harder.  Poor ole
Will, WJ9B, had to listen and listen and listen to catch my near-QRP signal on
20 meters.  He was knocking 'em off left and right, but I persisted in
pestering him until he finally sighed deeply, then shrugged his shoulders (I
imagine), gave up, and gave me a moment to get into his log.  Then, he prompted
went back to his near-200 Q/Hr rate.  What an operator!

The very hardest thing about working CWT for me is not stopping to chat with
all of you who mean so much to me.  I find myself smiling and smiling when I
hear your call signs come through my headphones.  What a terrific friendship we
have here.  And, it's so thrilling to meet lots of newcomers to our ranks, as
well as those who will have their CWOps member number before three cats can
skin a minnow!  :-)

Huge thanks to Helga Picelli, IN3FHE, for answering my CQ on 40 meters.  I
confessed that I was surprised, Helga, that you could hear me.  You were my
lone EU contact.

Great to work our CWA friend, Woody K1LB!  Great work, Woody!  And,
non-members: WO4O Ric; K8NYG Gary;  NC6K Eric; K9ID Ron; KK6I Ron; K4MTI Mike;
AF6GA Phil; K0KT Bill; AC6SL John; N4YA Chris; KB9FKO Drew; and KI1U Mike. 
Join our flock, fellas!

Here's wishing all of you a fabulous week that remains and a healthy, hopeful,
restful weekend!  I'll be speaking out of town again for a luncheon civic club
next week, so won't make some of the sessions.

--Dr. Larry S. Anderson, WB5EIN  #1327
Tupelo, MS  (birthplace of Elvis)
Rig: Ten-Tec Orion 565AT  ~100w into 400' horizontal loop up 40'

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