[3830] Baltic RM2D(SM6LRR) SO CW HP

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Sun May 22 16:12:36 EDT 2016

Baltic Contest

Call: RM2D
Operator(s): SM6LRR
Station: RM2D

Class: SO CW HP
QTH: Vereya (Nr Moscow)
Operating Time (hrs): 5

Total:  CW Qs = 212  Ph Qs = 0  Total Score = 878

Club: Russian Contest Club


This is one of my absolute favorite contests. 5 hours maybe is a little long
considering that very few new stations appear in hour 4 and 5, but still nice.

10 points for Baltic countries is fine, but the contest would be even nicer if
other contacts would give 2 or 3 points instead of just 1. 

I used Win-Test's Target File possibility and compared to the log from last
year. From Claimed Score point of view, I managed to increase the score with a
little more than 5%. Hard work with the VFO and with lots of CQ the last two

I realize that SO2R is a prerequisite to really reach the top 5 positions in
this contest. I hope compliance to rules of no assistance will make the best
station to win...

73 and see you next year in Baltic Contest, hopefully with my planned new KX-3
as 2nd radio.

RM2D (SM6LRR), Mats

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