[3830] WPX CW 4O3A(E73A/9A3A) SOAB HP

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Mon May 30 05:44:41 EDT 2016

CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: 4O3A
Operator(s): E73A/9A3A
Station: 4O3A

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: JM92hj
Operating Time (hrs): 36
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs
  160:   11
   80:  198
   40:  803
   20: 1468
   15:  857
   10:   24
Total: 3361  Prefixes = 1120  Total Score = 8,911,840

Club: SKY Contest Club


This time I have morning to recover, so I am submitting the score immediatelly,
otherwise I can not guarantee I will do it once I get back to Italy to work
hectic. Another contest is over, all bands seeemed to be alive but the score is
slightly below the last year, but I enjly contesting with breaking and not
breaking scores. The first day seemed to be OK with almost 2,000 Qs in the log,
but quite a difference in EU/DX distribution compared to the last year, when 15m
was my 'money  band' with half QSOs, and average of 2.1 QP. This year I just had
no exclusive run to NA and EUs were there all the time, 15m average was 1.7. 
The 15 and 20m were quite busy but EU kept calling: 48% EU last year and 56% of
EU this year.  I move from 15 to 20, but no difference. I go back to 15m, but EU
is still there. A few more multipliers and almost the same nuber of QSOs but
overall score down 0.4 M compared to last year. 
No major technial issues, SO2R worked well and I had fun with both radios. As
20m was open full time 40m activity from NA seemed to be suffering a bit.
Looking at ED8X/CR2X totals the multipler score seems to be OK but once again
no good runs to  DX areas. 
As a test of the existing hardware Ranko has added a separate monoband F12
stacks of two 5 el optimized yagis for 15 and 10m. The first impression is that
noise is lower (the stack is some 400m away on the MS inband tower), however, I
could not notice any major gain improvements compared with a regula 4 triband
stack with 3 el on 20 and 4 on 15m, which should have some 2db extra gain
compared to a single stack. The effort was mainly to eliminate any
possibilities of technical issues as it seems that 4O3A does not hear DX as
well as others. x

Thanks to Ranko for his endless efforts to keep the station at full speed, to
Aja (his new Station dog) for not barking and of course to all of your for
calling 4O3A. With all the Genius hardware, if he could have invented a Genius

Ivo 4O/9A3A/E73A

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