[3830] WPX CW LY4A M/2 HP

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Mon May 30 08:32:37 EDT 2016

CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: LY4A
Station: LY4A

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs
  160:  105
   80:  455
   40: 1276
   20: 1815
   15: 1532
   10:  748
Total: 5931  Prefixes = 1348  Total Score = 16,162,520

Club: Kaunas Univ of Tech Radio Club


Hi for all...

For first many thanks for QSO's and for all.

Our planing of the team for CW part is started 2 month ago after SSB part. So
we are shortly colected the team its just maybe 1-2 weeks and we geted the 10
ops what is target. We geted responce to my invitation from Jeff N6GQ, Goran
SM0DRD, Fullvio HB9DHG, Andris YL2GQT, Kaspars YL1ZF what joined us also at SSB
part and our local team members LY4A, LY2BKT, LY2CO, LY2TS, LY3I,LY2RJ. So the
team is fully collected and we started get bad messages from some of ops what
the posibility to join to us in CW part is changed and will not arive to us.
So ...
Jeff N6GQ is changed it plans to go to Talin to conference and not posible to
join us 2 weeks before test.
Andris YL2GQT geting info on late friday what not posible to arive by maked
work day in company.
We are very crowded by Rimas LY2CO just said in Tuesday that his illmaybe 
pneumonia and posible to go to hospital.
Raimondas LY2RJ also go to work to Germany for contract.

After this changes we don't have time to make some invitation to join us. We
prepared 5 positions 2 RUN +, 2 INBANDS +, 1 MULT. So we are left only 7 ops
for first night and early mornig geting message from Vytas LY3I for its have to
going at home in the saturday morning and we are no all complicated because
staing only 6 Ops and chance to make good operation with full speed and full
use of the positions is not posible. We are fast tired and starting to moving
down at end of saturday and make compete with LY2W is to hard and like posible
no chance for this test :) . My specialy regards to all of LY2W team for good
score and maybe will be try next yerto beat you :) .

So Equipment fully ok we geted some problems with interference and some cable
conectors but its no make big problems for operation and will be fix it until

We have almost good time and another one skils to make posible to use Multi
National team what have to need more preparations and some of works before the
test. So many thanks for Fullvio HB9DHG you are amazing CW operator for RUN ,
Cook :) with you prepared spageti :) and you are very friendly guy. We Are also
thanks for Goran SM0DRD for joined us and maked many hard works in contest
expecialy in Inband positions its to hard but you are maked very good job. Also
say thanks to Kaspars with it good RUN operations so waiting you in next tests.
Also thanks for all LY guys ho joined and not joined but maked many big and
hard works for preparing position and etc...

So we are maked good time and waiting for some want to join us in another
contest what will be use us Multi OP.

Rolandas LY4A
skype: rolkaxx
QRZ_com: https://www.qrz.com/db/ly4a
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/rolkaxx

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