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Mon May 30 08:36:41 EDT 2016

CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: OH0V
Operator(s): OH6LI
Station: OH0V

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Getaberg
Operating Time (hrs): 36+
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs
  160:    0
   80:   90
   40:  890
   20: 1560
   15: 1060
   10:  370
Total: 3970  Prefixes = 1110  Total Score = 8,630,000



Had Fun.
Operated a little intermediately, giving that little extra effort for QSOs
maybe half of the time.
Propagation was intermittent. Strange fluttery CW signals at times, then
cleared suddenly for some moments.

The score is an estimate of the numbers at presumed 36h limit.
I operated a little more. Just for More Fun.

Regarding station, I experimemted some, learned some.
List of things to improve at OH0V grows.

I think this was my second real SOAB in WPX CW. The previous one was in 1985.
I achieved more than double multiplier and way more than double QSOs compared
to that previous effort. 

CW contesting goes strong !

Thsnk you all for QSOs.

Jukka OH6LI/MM
onboard Viking Line Grace - Sun Deck !

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