[3830] WPX CW VK3JA M/2 HP

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Tue May 31 02:48:35 EDT 2016

CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: VK3JA
Operator(s): VK3JA VK2PN
Station: VK3JA

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: Rural Melbourne
Operating Time (hrs): 41

 Band  QSOs
  160:    0
   80:   10
   40:  482
   20:  616
   15:  803
   10:   22
Total: 1933  Prefixes = 6956  Total Score = 6,740,364

Club: VK Contest Club


Good early condx with a fade on all bands after 1200UTC.  Ten meters appeared
open to JA from VK3 most daylight hours but very few JA's operating that band
likely due to poor prop to NA or EU.  We wish they had listened to the south
and worked us in VK/ZL!  15 meters was good all weekend but closed about an
hour after local sunset.  20 was pretty good but seemed to lack LP to NA in our
morning hours, a bit unusual.  40 was excellent to EU for us and was our largest
point score.  80 and 160 were predictably slow for us "down under" so
far from the major activity areas.

Thanks to all who called us as we were running mode CQ most of the time.
Congrats to all who enjoyed a good weekend.

73 - Steve VK3JA and Patrick VK2PN

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