[3830] KsQP N8II Single Op HP

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Mon Aug 28 21:16:54 EDT 2017

Kansas QSO Party

Call: N8II
Operator(s): N8II
Station: N8II

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 17?

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:   10      1      0
   40:   94     34       
   20:  223    140       
   15:   32     38       
   10:    5      6       
    6:    0      0       
Total:  364    209      0  Mults = 104  Total Score = 159,112

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Score includes 100 bonus points for working KS0KS. The computer says I operated
17 hours, but it was more like approximately 16 or a bit less.

Wow, does KS know how to throw a QSO party! Thanks to Bob, W0B (W0BH) and
whoever else helped put it together. Except for the early fade out of 20
Saturday (last Q's were Bob W0B at 2313Z and he was very weak on SSB,
significant weakening of signals at 22Z), I would have well exceeded 600 Q's.

Saturday was the ecstasy in the morning and early afternoon with both 15 and 10
open on Es followed by the agony as 20 faded very early. I did a good job of
maxing out the 15 and 10 meter Q's and seemed out of sync keeping up with the
mobiles. Mobile activity seemed low at that time compared to past years, but it
may have been me as the rest of the time was near other years or even better on
Sunday. There were very very few KS CQ'ers on 15, none on 10! I ran up the Q
totals by calling CQ on 20 and moving stations up or calling stations on 20 and
asking for moves up especially W0B/N0Q/K0WHY/N0I, many thanks Bob!

I feel KS stations made a significant error not CQ'ing to 15 and 10 even though
they might have been running high rates on 20, because sooner or later the runs
will dry up or slow on 20. At this point in the solar cycle, the only hope of a
good opening is Es which never lasts forever. My opening on 15 Saturday was from
1515Z-1900Z! If just 5-10 KS stations had CQ'ed they would have generated
hundreds of total QSO's as the spotters would have found them and moved
activity up there. W0K (Drew, K3PA) was louder on 15 than 20 when we worked at
S9+ 30-40 db! W0B/M was S9 at times. There was also weak/moderate Es up to 15M
for over an hour Sunday morning.

After 20 closed Saturday, it was quite slow the rest of the evening. I was
considering quitting as I was feeling pretty fatigued at 22Z, but catching a
few new counties and Q's kept me going. Special thanks to mobiles W0B/N0Q, K0A,
N0W, K0O, N0R, N0A, and K0P for operating well into the evening and keeping me
There were stretches when almost none of them were on despite good 40 meter
conditions and strong signals on 80 ans well. My CQ's on 40 were almost
I was surprised that the QRN level from Harvey, etc. was not higher. QRN was
low on 40 and moderate on 80.

Sunday, I kept my discipline and got much more in sync pretty well working the 
great majority of mobiles and new band/mode fixed KS stations available. 40
remained productive to some extent despite some very weak mobile signals after
the first hour. K5YAA,K0A, N0W, and N0U (loudest of mobiles most of the time)
gave me several new ones and I was thrilled to catch K5YAA in BOU and K0A
(Connie K5CM)in ELK/CHT on 40 for counties 103+104 with only 19 minutes to go!
I missed the sweep by one again this year, but not that disappointed as I broke
my QSO total last year by over 20 Q's with the moves to 15/10M. The mobiles had
amazing ears on 40 hearing my 200W, almost no one could not hear me!

A special thanks to Butch, K0O/M who is on every year phone only and operates
nearly the whole 18 hours. He usually hangs out around 14275/7245. He gave me
several new counties on Sunday, despite missing him much more than last year
especially on Saturday. And another special thanks to Bob, W0B and his team
(Lorna and Aaron N0Q) for many quick QSY's providing 2-3 new Q's each time
along with many mults! There was a bit more intense fixed station activity on
20 this year (not on 80/40/15/10!). Thanks to you all. And thanks to the
mobiles for covering most counties 2-5 times in total. I worked
portable/mobiles N0T, K0A, N0W, N0A, K0P (not a CW guy, but gets an A+ for
effort), N0K, N0U, N0R, N0K, N0E, N0Y, N0T, and K0T; thanks so much for making
it fun and busy and for all of your effort.

73, Jeff

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