[3830] KsQP K0A(@K5CM) Mobile MOST LP

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Mon Aug 28 23:37:47 EDT 2017

Kansas QSO Party

Call: K0A
Operator(s): K5CM N5KW
Station: K5CM

Class: Mobile MOST LP
Operating Time (hrs): 17.5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:    78             
   40:   565    69       
   20:   921   380       
   15:     5     8       
   10:     3     3       
Total:  1572   460      0  Mults = 54  Total Score = 302,670



I normally use a Tarheel Model 200A-HP on 80/40 and use Hamsticks for 20,15, and
10 meters. This makes for quick band switching. But Mr. Murphy had different
plans for me this weekend. It was 10 minutes before the party started Saturday
morning when I noticed the SWR was intermittent on the 20 meter Hamstick. Then
I checked 15 meters and the SWR was way to high. Could not find any obvious
problems so decided to go with the Tarheel on all bands. Murphy was after me
again. When I hit the switch to move to 20 meters I could hear the motor trying
to turn but was not moving the coil at all. I managed to resolve that problem in
a few minutes and we were off to our first county line. Things were OK till I
tried to go to 15 meters.I forgot the Tarheel would not tune to 15 meters with
the 7 foot whip and the Capacitance Hat. I normally carry a shorter whip, but
for got it for this trip. I could still get on 15 by using the antenna tuner in
the K3, not the best work around but made a few Q's on 10 and 15 meters this
way. Anyway we arrived at our first county line only a few minutes late. 
Conditions were so poor on Saturday, I thought I still must have something
wrong with the Tarheel. 
All Q's are important, but here are a few stations we worked the most.
>50 W5CW
>30 N8II, N6MU
=>19 W7TR, W7GF, WA8REI, KS4X, AD0RW,
OM2VL (12), DL3DXX (11), 
Special Thanks to Bob, W0BH for all the hard work putting this party together.

When we were at a county line on Sunday morning, John N6MU told me he only
needed ELK AND CHT for a sweep. Those two counties were our last stop before
the party ended. Fortunately we made it with time to give John his Sweep.

Pam put a little movie of the trip together.

Pam, N5KW did the SSB operating and the driving (975 miles) I did the CW. Was
great fun as always.

Thanks to Bob W0BH

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