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Sun Nov 5 22:08:47 EST 2017

ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW

Call: K0VBU
Operator(s): K0VBU
Station: K0VBU

Class: SO Unlimited LP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs
   80:  104
   40:  159
   20:  478
   15:   12
Total:  753  Sections = 81  Total Score = 121,986

Club: Kansas City Contest Club


K3-100 P3; TH6DXX @ 50\\\'; 80/40 Trap dipole @ 30\\\'; 160 INV L @
30\\\'(winter only)

Wow! Exhausting! I really need to get better antennas for 80 and 40!!
Not sure if it was condx, but just couldn't keep runs going this time...
And then bad judgment plays a part - I wasted almost 20 minutes in a VO1HP
pileup, and didn't get him - only to have VO1AW call me a half hour later. Oh
well..a gamble.
Heard NP3A on 40 in the last hours, but my puny dipole wssn't pushing 100 watts
over the pile. My thoughts and hopes are with PR and VI and their recovery

See you all in the CWTs.
Bill K0VBU

Bill K0VBU

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