[3830] SS CW W4AAA(KK9A) SO Unlimited LP

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Sat Nov 11 00:00:07 EST 2017

ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW

Call: W4AAA
Operator(s): KK9A
Station: KK9A

Class: SO Unlimited LP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs
   80:  120
   40:  590
   20:  260
   15:   15
Total:  985  Sections = 81  Total Score = 159,570



During the preceding week I installed a couple of temporary Beverage antennas
around the property. Then on Saturday morning I set up the station and software
and luckily everything was working perfectly. Conditions seemed pretty good on
the first day, I had a nice run on 20m before the sun set and 40m was excellent
at night. This made for a very fun evening,rates were in the 60-70 per hour
range. Getting a sweep is a big part of this contest and I knew that it would
be even more challenging this year with the extensive hurricane damage to
Puerto Rico and USVI. Luckily NP3A called me on 40m during the first night
however early on Sunday I was still missing AB, VI, NT and NNY. Later that
morning, my run rates had slowed so I turned on the spotting network hoping to
find some new stations and multipliers. I immediately clicked on VY1AAA who was
very easy to work and shortly later I found VE6EX while tuning across 20m. So
with about 8 hours of op time left I still needed two more sections (VI and
NNY). Amazingly, I never did find either one. I later learned that N6EE was
operating a remote station from NNY late in the contest and I am sure that I
could have worked Ron if I had known. The low bands became very noisy on Sunday
evening and run rates dropped to crawl so to keep busy I often clicked on the
spots of new stations that appeared. Thanks for the QSO!  Please QSL via Tim,

John KK9A aka W4AAA

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