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Mon Nov 20 00:41:32 EST 2017

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Call: AB4B
Operator(s): AB4B
Station: AB4B

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 9:44

 Band  QSOs
   80:  166
   40:   87
   20:  189
   15:   31
Total:  473  Sections = 76  Total Score = 71,896

Club: Alabama Contest Group


Well here I was again dealing with WX at the start similar to the CW weekend.
However this was much more severe.Unplugged at 1.5 hr from the start then lost
power shortly after which did not come back till about 6:00 AM on Sunday.
Having missed the 1st evening I was way behind and I didn't have much reason to
get myself re-motivated. I kept piddling on and off all day till just about the
end. Lot's of breaks and dinner kept me coming back to the rig. The wind Sat
night had made my 40mtr yagi unusable as it was spinning in the rotator (50mph
gust) till Sunday morning when winds subsided to a light breeze. All in all
worked a lot of old friends and made a couple of new ones. Hopefully next year
I won't get snake bit by the WX again. TNX fer all the QSO's and patience
getting exchanges correct.
Condx so so on Sunday.

Keep coming back to SS as it hooked me as a novice in 1963.

73  Tim , AB4B


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