[3830] SS SSB N5NU(@N5YA) Single Op HP

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Mon Nov 20 17:09:48 EST 2017

ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB

Call: N5NU
Operator(s): N5NU
Station: N5YA

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  QSOs
   80:    4
   40:  978
   20:  167
   15:  105
Total: 1254  Sections = 83  Total Score = 208,164

Club: DFW Contest Group


Thanks to Bill N5YA for the use of his station for SS.  I like to take some
notes after contests of things I observed so I can remember them for following

- Got a late start.  The SSCW started at 4pm local time.  Due to the time
change, the Phone version starts at 3pm.  First contact wasn't until 2152z.  My
momentum and desire to compete was shot from the beginning.  Op time is more
like 17hrs, but since breaks must be 30min some of my off times won't count.

- CQ'ed on 20m to start but couldn't "make a hole"... it was wall to
wall.  Went straight to 15m and made sure to leave before it closed.  Went
straight to 40m.  Turned out to be a great move.

- Got to 40m at 22:44z and held 7.247 for the next 6hrs.  5 of those over
100/hr.  Band was long on 1st night.  I worked SO MANY weak East Coast guys
with 5w and a wire.  Went to bed at 08:35z.  No regrets.

- SS Phone has a bit of a "field day" feel to it due to high number
of new operators and number of people that were walked through the exchange. 
While bad for rate, this ultimately is a good sign due for ham radio.  Lots of
checks 15-17... hope they will stick with it.  

- Worked WP4AZT on 15m.  He gave me #3.  Never heard another one.

- Great story, I heard KP2XX under K5KG on 7195 around 2330z.  Running 100w on
from a generator.  He was getting clobbered.  I FINALLY pulled out the exchange
clearly between the QRM.  After the QSO, I proposed an idea to George K5KG. 
Since he was clobbering the KP2... I volunteered he (K5KG) take my run
frequency on 7244 that was quiet. He obliged... so George -- thank you! The KP2
in the clear was about s7...

- The usual crew of frequency stealers from the west coast that claim they
can't hear anything.  

- Also noted a the number of new checks that like adopting 'old calls'... kinda
throws me off to hear an old call with a ck of 15. 

- Not sure why people insist on blowing a hole on a noisy 20m band.  The band
is too noisy to hear most exchanges from weaker stations the 1st time.  I had
great rate on 20m with lots of repeats.  Frustrating to ask someone who is s9
to keep repeating.  

Thanks for the QSOs.

73, Jason N5NU

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