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Mon Nov 20 21:59:11 EST 2017

ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB

Call: WB0TEV
Operator(s): WB0TEV
Station: WB0TEV

Class: SO Unlimited HP
Operating Time (hrs): 14

 Band  QSOs
  160:    0
   80:  200
   40:  419
   20:  376
   15:    7
   10:    0
Total: 1002  Sections = 83  Total Score = 166,332

Club: DFW Contest Group


Unlike last year when I was able to put in a really serious effort (and much to
my astonishment took first place in the West Gulf Division for SOHP Assisted),
this year family commitments and job demands limited the BIC time to just 14
hours.  Still had a great time and broke 1000 QSOs nonetheless.  

When I went to bed a little before 0800 Z I lacked only NL, DE and PR.  I
remembered from past years that the time for me to catch an NL seemed to be
early Sunday morning, so I was up at dawn and sure enough VO1KVT was running a
pile on 20m.  After several futile calls and hearing the depth of the pile, I
opted to go start my own run elsewhere, switching to the other VFO every so
often to try and toss in a quick call.  After about an hour, the propagation to
Newfoundland improved and the pile diminished and I was able to check that one
off the wanted list.  Just a few minutes later, I followed a spot to K3WI to
get my one and only Delaware.  That left the elusive Puerto Rico.  Given the
state of affairs down there, its surprising there were even any KP4's running.

Managed the sweep Sunday evening when I followed a spot to NP4G on 40m and
managed (with difficulty) to get past the QRM to put PR in the log.

Its nice to see that NT isn't as rare as it once was, as a couple of them came
to me, along with VY1AAA who I S and P'ed later.  VE8NSD called me as one of
his first QSO's and I was also called by a newbie op at VY0RAC.  After walking
him through the contest exchange, hopefully he went out and made a few other
folks happy.  I took the time to walk a number of "newbies" through
the SS exchange, explaining what the various pieces meant.  Sure it might have
slowed the rate a bit, but evangelizing others in the joy of contesting is fun

Propagation is sure different from when we had a reasonable ration of sunspots.

Unlike past years when 15m really shined, the measly 7 QSO's there confirms
that we are in the lower dungeons of the sunspot cycle.  200 Q's on 80m, 419 on
40m and 376 on 20m tells the propagation story from here in North Texas.  

Thanks for all the QSO's.  

73, Victor

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