[3830] SS SSB W4AAA(KK9A) SO Unlimited LP

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Tue Nov 21 09:57:31 EST 2017

ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB

Call: W4AAA
Operator(s): KK9A
Station: W4AAA

Class: SO Unlimited LP
QTH: North Carolina
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs
   80:  510
   40:  340
   20:  271
   15:   14
Total: 1135  Sections = 83  Total Score = 188,410



I have never operated both modes of Sweepstakes in the same year, until now. The
station was still set up from the CW leg so there was nothing to do on Saturday
except to start a new log and attach the microphone headset. In the CW contest
40m my best band and 20m was also effective. This weekend it was quite
different. I started on 20m where I have very large Yagis but between the QRM
and long skip it was a struggle to work one station a minute. After a couple of
hours I switched to 40m expecting a nice run of closer stations but my rates
were even worse. Shortly later I tried 80m and finally my rate meter finally
went over 100. 80m was my best band this weekend. 40m was noisy at times and
the skip was long and on 20m the skip was also long plus I kept losing my
frequency to QRM. I missed two sections in the CW leg so I really pushed hard
early to get a sweep and by my first break I had sections except NL. I found
VO1KVT on 20m Sunday but I was unable to work him and then he disappeared. This
was frustrating however luckily an hour later I found him on 15m. This time I
worked him, got the sweep and I was able to spend the remaining 10 hours or so
just making contacts. Thanks for the QSOs. Please QSL via WD9DZV.

John KK9A - W4AAA

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