[3830] CWopsT NN4K HP

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Wed Nov 22 23:12:13 EST 2017

CWops Mini-CWT Test - 0300Z Nov 23

Call: NN4K
Operator(s): NN4K
Station: NN4K

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Georgia
Operating Time (hrs): 1

 Band  QSOs
   80:  26
   40:  34
Total:  60  Mults = 51  Total Score = 3,060

Club: South East Contest Club


Thanks for the Qs. 40 and 80 were in good shape here. Looking forward to working
many of you this weekend in the CQCWWWDX contest. Good luck to all and I was
glad to hear/work, some of the CWops members already on station in the
Carribean area tonight. Finger crossed that conditions will be good for the
contest. Happy Thanksgiving to all and see you next week.
73 Mac NN4K

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