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Mon Nov 27 10:51:11 EST 2017

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: GW0KRL
Operator(s): GW0KRL
Station: GW0KRL

Class: SOSB(A)/20 QRP
QTH: North Wales
Operating Time (hrs): 14.5

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   20:  308    18       67
Total:  308    18       67  Total Score = 43,775

Club: CDXC - The UK DX Foundation


Been off the air for a number of years and recently re-located to North Wales
with plenty of space for antennas.
Decided to try a few new things (to me) that have appeared since I was last
seriously active.

Firstly decided to try SO2V with the Elecraft K3, not brave enough for SO2R...
yet! And with plenty of space where I've moved to I decided to try some better
All were put up field-day style, would love to keep them up full-time but
slowly does it. I put up a 5/8 wave vertical at 20ft agl in a tree with 2x
radials, a 2ele wire beam on fishing poles at 25ft agl fixed on EU and a close
spaced 4ele quad at 35ft agl rotated by the armstrong method and then to really
test them (and me!) decided to go QRP - still haven't unpacked the amp yet.

Need to work on getting my CW speed back up again, didn't feel confident to try
CQ'ing at all so complete operation was S&P and decided for the first time
ever to go assisted.

Antennas worked well certainly helped me get heard and the quad was fantastic,
never had one on 20m before but will look into one as a permanent fixture,
sadly probably only 2ele though :-(
Also decided "GW" call probably added 3db to my signal in the
pile-ups HI!

All told great fun and I'm now planning for my next contest.
73, Ian GW0KRL

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