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Mon Nov 27 12:35:31 EST 2017

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: N7ZG
Operator(s): N7ZG
Station: N7ZG

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 46

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   11     6        7
   80:  196    22       41
   40:  490    28       78
   20:  494    30       75
   15:  494    23       49
   10:   29    10       10
Total: 1514   119      260  Total Score = 1,522,384

Club: Western Washington DX Club


I've been monitoring solar index predictions so I knew it was going to be good
especially for the low bands.   Openings to EU not as strong on 20M as SSB and
the opening windows very short as to be expected with no sunspots.  Running on
SSB was better due to stronger signals (SSN about 20 then) and more daylight
but the QRM was horrendous on phone.  Spent to much time on 40M on Sat morning
chasing LP EU and unsuccessfully trying to work A44A.   Spend more time on
Sunday but was trying to stay awake copy CW.  EU ops were not nearly as patient
as JA when I was running or maybe the window was just too short.

Very strong openings on 40 to EU and JA.   Not sure what my JA totals are but
they should be tremendous on 15 through 80.  Especially 40.  40 was actually
somewhat runnable to EU on Sat night as now I have a 2 over 2 with the lower
antenna on EU while running JA (still working through stack match switching

80M was really interesting.  Geomagnetically things where a bit more active
then forecasts led me to believe.   I worked my normal CA mults on Friday
evenings.  Also easily worked zones 12 and 13 as well as zone 28 even with
longer daylight in the southern hemisphere.  On Sat. 80M was super quiet and I
started hearing EU very load at about 7 pm.  Especially zone 33.  But was
really surprising that I was able to hear zones 15, 16 and even 20!  Managed to
work YT9A easily for a new country.  He must have a much lower noise floor that
the rest of EU.  Everyone seemed so loud to me (even though only S3 at best). 
Having said that it was a record year for me on EU as well as Asia with almost
200 Qs without really trying.  Of note, I worked HS0ZAR and HS0ZIA on 80 at 8
am almost 1 hour after sunrise and in fully daylight!  Zone 26 is really hard
on 80.  Solid openings still on 15 to JA.  Many thanks to all JA ops.

Found out about the new spectrum bandmap in N1MM+ last minute and thought I
needed to get with the newer technology program.  The N1MM team has done an
awesome job and I really need to pony up a donation.  The spectrum display is
fairly stable but I'm wondering if Microsoft Windows 10 updates are causing
problems with my COM ports.  Steve N2IC has contributed a nice bridge to LP-Pan
that is very straightforward to set up.  Overall this technology could be a boon
to spotting 10M activity during contests with the absence of sunspots.

This was my first "balls to the wall" 48 hour effort and was a record
year.  Still need to work on operating skills.

73 and CU in ARRL DX.
Guy, N7ZG

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