[3830] CQWW CW CT9/9A3XV(@CT9/OM8A) SOSB(A)/80 HP

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Mon Nov 27 12:54:08 EST 2017

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: CT9/9A3XV
Operator(s): 9A3XV
Station: CT9/OM8A

Class: SOSB(A)/80 HP
QTH: Santa NR Porto Moniz
Operating Time (hrs): 23:10

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
   80: 1362    28      112
Total: 1362    28      112  Total Score = 567,980

Club: Croatian Contest Club


Hi Guys,

we come here to give some hand to our friends from OM8A building competitive
contest site at Madeira Island. We spend more then a week hard working on
antennas and stuff. As we predict there was no enough time to prepare for M/S.
So we all enter the SO SB categories to test the station. So I enter SO(A) SB
80. First night worked without RX antenna and thunderstorm on the ocean just
north from our location. It was terrible (Branko, 9A2KD come to me ask is
something wrong with his station because hi can not hear anything on 160).
Sorry guys to so much asking to repeat :). Worked easy lot of Caribbean mults
in the morning. Finished this night sleeping in the chair with only 350q in the

Second night was some other story. Much better condix and lot of runs and all
stuff hams love :). In the mid time we made one 100m beverage to the NNW helps
me a lot work USA and EU. Finished again in the morning sleeping in the chair
but  over  1000q in the log (maybe this game isn't for me :)). 

I expect much from Sunday evening but next thunderstorm become and it was VY
hard to work but beverage helps a lot. Big pileup to east and far east mults -
it was VY hard to break through.

I have more then 100 dupes. Skimmer did not recognize my call well - lots of
wrong skimmer spots. So many guys call me again try to work my home call 9A3XV
from zone 33 including big guns - listen firs guys. 

Used and shared with 10 and 15 the TS-590, OM-2000A+, OM Power HiPo BPF (grate
stuff), Delta and one bev NNW.

HPE to see you in CQ 160.

Sale, 9A3XV

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