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Mon Nov 27 16:08:09 EST 2017

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: M0DXR
Operator(s): M0DXR
Station: G0DWV

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Norfolk, UK
Operating Time (hrs): 46
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  333    10       45
   80:  993    16       69
   40: 1532    31      105
   20: 1219    29       88
   15:  410    25       69
   10:   48     7       21
Total: 4535   118      397  Total Score = 3,929,965



I had a fantastic time at the station of my good friend Chris, G0DWV. Chris has
just completed a new house build and pulling the station together required a
lot of effort over this last week. My deepest thanks to both him and Tina for
welcoming me.

Having been very busy all day on Friday with the 2 hour drive to Norfolk and
then final antenna work up to the start of the contest at midnight, I knew
operating the whole contest would be very tough indeed. My original plan was to
sleep for a few hours on Friday evening, but the workload to get ready was just
too demanding. We didn't have time to raise the 4 ele 40m yagi so the first
night was spent utilising the rotary dipole up 80ft on this band. The beam was
put up during the day on Saturday so I had it from that point forward. The 4
square on 80m was not functional so I used a dipole up 80ft. The 160m vertical
was also not functional, so again a dipole was used up 80ft. I used 2 x C31XR
yagis on 10/15/20 on separate towers, which performed great. I used a
combination of power splitting and one of each antenna on each of the two

The radios were Kenwood TS-590SG (my favourite SO2R transceiver). They
performed flawlessly - very stable and excellent noise rejection in a high
power/close proximity SO2R environment. Logged with N1MM+ interfaced with a
Microham Mk2R+ which worked great.

Conditions were not their best. 10m opened for a very short time on Saturday
and I'm glad to have worked that band when it did. 15 was open, but nothing
from JA which was a big disappointment. 20 and 40 were the best bands with some
very loud signals - the second day seemed better on 20 with a much later opening
on the band to the USA. 80 and 160 never really got going to the USA. They were
there but just no real decent runs.

Total sleep time was 1 and a half hours plus a 15 minute shower break. Total op
time was 46hrs 15min.

Great fun - best hobby in the world!

Thanks for all the QSOs and looking forward to the next one already!

Mark M0DXR

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