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Tue Nov 28 02:29:53 EST 2017

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Operator(s): PY2SEX PY1NX
Station: PA/PY2SEX

Class: M/S LP
QTH: Nederweert-Eind
Operating Time (hrs): 47.8

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  302     6       48
   80:  525    15       75
   40:  504    26      102
   20:  641    25      104
   15:  167    26       79
   10:   20     6       20
Total: 2159   104      428  Total Score = 1,723,148

Club: Rio DX Group


Fun as always... The idea was to do the contest as M2 to have a feeling how me
and PY1NX would work together in the WRTC 2018. I've got some BPF filters and a
triplex to use with Spiderbeam, but we were having a lot of interference between
2 radios, was like BPFs were not working at all. After whole week before contest
trying to troubleshoot and not resolving we deicide for MS category as we would
be able to do some multupliers in the other radio. Classic MS operatoin, one
radio running and the other S&P. We made a 40m inverted-v dipole that
stayed at 10m high with the tips at 2m high and it worked just fine, actually I
was pretty surprised what we could achieve with this antenna. Propagation on
High bands was really bad, but low bands were crowded.
A lot of pain with this long call sign, need to repeat several times for some
difficult QSOs with poor signal, LP is always hard and within Europe is even
worse. I think the experience was nice, we had a lot fun during the running
time and also during the low rate where we were remembering the old days in PY
land. :)
Thanks to PY1NX for the visit, help and company during the contest, thanks
IT9AUG for give me some tips with filtering better K3 because of interaction
between radios and RA6LBS for provide all accessories in time for the contest.
See you in the next one...

Yaesu FT-Dx 5000MP
Elecraft K3

Spiderbeam 5B HD
Inverted V dipole for 40m
Inverted L for 80/160M.

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