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Tue Nov 28 07:26:44 EST 2017

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: CR3OO
Operator(s): CT1BOH
Station: CR3A

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  407    12       48
   80: 1573    24       79
   40: 2037    27       89
   20: 2540    32      101
   15: 2457    27       84
   10:  109     6       31
Total: 9123   128      432  Total Score = 15,264,480



This was my 56th operation in CQWW, non stop since 1989, and unfortunately not
going into younger, but 2BSIQ (Two Bands Synchronized Interleaved QSOs) keeps
me alive…

For this contest I didn�'t start training with DXlog simulator in the summer
like I did in 2016 and 2015. I guess I was lacking motivation. For two reasons:
The first one is I would rather operate from the Caribbean, into order to have
60% USA in the log instead of 40% like we have in CT3, and this % is
instrumental to achieve super high rates. The second one is CR3A station is in
a really bad shape. But then, in an Whatsapp conversation with N6MJ, something
he said made a clicked in me and all of a sudden I was hyper motivated again.
Our brain is so strange…

2BSIQ is really an incredible way of operating. 
It is more complex than what I originally though.

In the two weeks prior to the contest, I optimized my operating technique. I
had different techniques depending on the size of the overall two pile-ups, and
on the % of USA/EU stations calling me. This was new in comparison to 2015/2016

Also this year there was  side by side log entries lines in DXlog program and
this made a huge difference (thanks Chris - 9A5K for implementing that after my

In the end all this paid up, achieving  9123 QSOs, almost 1000 more than in
2016, with worse conditions on 15 and 20 for USA, and with only 38% of USA
stations in the log, the lowest in recent years

So I think it was very good contest for me!

Congrats to KL9A and N6MJ �" They are TOP and inspirational.

Set up: https://twitter.com/ct1boh/status/933975832489549824

Station: https://twitter.com/ct1boh/status/935474411808882689

10 meter and 15 meter USA:

20 meter USA: https://twitter.com/ct1boh/status/935475669294862336 can you
notice missing antenna elements tips? Reflector shorter than other

40 meter USA inv V: https://twitter.com/ct1boh/status/935476096702861313 This
antenna fell after a storm hit Sunday afternoon. Luckly it was not Saturday.

80 meter USA/EU: https://twitter.com/ct1boh/status/935476336390524928

10 meter EU: https://twitter.com/ct1boh/status/935476597947322368

15 meter EU: https://twitter.com/ct1boh/status/935477033056067584 The crank-up
tower is rusted and broken, but even at this low, it get’s out

20 meter EU: https://twitter.com/ct1boh/status/935477195769896960

40 meter EU: https://twitter.com/ct1boh/status/935477644669411329 The crank-up
tower is rusted and broken, but even at this low, it get’s out

Many thanks to my lovely wife Lara for support.
Many thanks to CT3BD and CT3DL for helping before contest.

See you next year.

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