[3830] CQWW CW VE7ACN/7 SOAB(A)Classic HP

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Tue Nov 28 18:54:59 EST 2017

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: VE7ACN/7
Operator(s): VE7ACN
Station: VE7ACN

Class: SOAB(A)Classic HP
Operating Time (hrs): 40

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  104     7       12
   80:  456    21       40
   40:  306    25       62
   20: 1047    31       91
   15:  315    20       48
Total: 2228   104      253  Total Score = 1,852,473

Club: Orca DX and Contest Club


That was an escape from noisy Metro Vancouver to do IOTA NA-075 (Galiano Island)
activation and have fun in the contest at the same time. I was really amazed how
well it could be done with just Spiderbeam @33 ft mast and vertical wires shot
to the tree with MFJ998RT auto tuner for 160-40 m. 

I do understand that I caused some problems with /7 call sign as nobody
expected that. I did my best to make sure my call was received right during my
S&P, but I am confident that there are a lot of just VE7ACN calls in the
logs during my run. Won't do it again. However, there are a bunch of happy IOTA
chasers who got me in the contest.

Being spoiled for years with Big Gun stations RT0C (former UK0CAA, RZ0CWA,
RW0CWA)and VE7UF I had a feeling that I have huge station in my posession
again. I fact it was a 'suitcase' DXpedition rig and antennas travelled to
J3/VE7ACN, VP5/VE7ACN, KL7/VE7ACN, AL3/AA7CH, NL6/AA7CH and Canadian Islands.

73, Mike VE7ACN - RW0CN - AA7CH

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