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Tue Nov 28 19:24:22 EST 2017

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: WX0B
Operator(s): AD5Q
Station: WX0B

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Dallas
Operating Time (hrs): 44:17
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   67    14       36
   80:  266    19       75
   40:  966    32      107
   20: 1037    34      114
   15:  489    25       95
   10:   42     9       17
Total: 2867   133      444  Total Score = 4,286,533

Club: DFW Contest Group


Conditions were way better than last year, but still low sunspots. Began contest
with 20m JA's, then pounced 40 for mults and didn't start EU run until it was
too late for good rate. The sunrise opening over EU only works with higher
flux, so ran JA's all morning and they were great. On 2nd night had trouble
getting anything going on 40.

We fixed the run rig problem from last year but a different one made SO2R
intermittent on day 2. Did the strategy mostly right, but regret missing all
the JA runs on 15 and forgot to do Asia there. Was preoccupied looking for zone
29 on 20m LP (failed). Nailed the short 15m EU runs perfectly, but sigs were
much weaker on day 2. Only 2 zone 16's worked on 15, and it will probably get
worse since the solar cycle hasn't bottomed yet.

Low bands were different. Couldn't work an EU on 160 the first night and mults
were also low on 80. On 2nd night both bands were very quiet and the SAL had
more fun than ever. Most of the 80m Q's were EU's, where usually they are JA's.

The receive antenna situation here is constantly changing. Originally built
three bi-directional 600ft ladder line beverages to cover 6 directions. They
were really high maintenance because the lakeside QTH gets frequent lightning
hits. Between these 3 bevs, the 2 I had at home QTH and another 2 at N5YA I was
constantly building feedpoint boxes and they would get zapped (one even blown to
bits). Also had to walk the bevs before each contest to check for blown or
melted ladder line. The bevs are history and were replaced by one of the
original Hi-Z's which worked better. Then came the SAL, which beat the Hi-Z 90%
of the time. These are low maintenance antennas. For several years I've had
choice of either - until recently.  A 2nd SAL has replaced the rarely used
Hi-Z, with plans drawn to phase and switch them in at least 4 directions on
both 80 & 160 - but I totally don't understand how the phasing will work.
Looking forward to using them since there are still guys that hear better than
us - typically using bigger bevs or 2 in phase / or just a quiet QTH way out in
the country. We don't have that, so the SAL is the best option. The WX0B station
is the beta site for the SAL, and I am very privileged to have been the first to
use every version in contests due to people with close ties with the place that
makes them. Access to this station is also really huge. Thanks, Jay and

Roy -- AD5Q

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