[3830] RAC Day NG7Z SOAB LP

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Sun Jul 1 20:49:21 EDT 2018

                    RAC Canada Day Contest

Call: NG7Z
Operator(s): NG7Z
Station: NG7Z

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 8.5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  CW Mults  Ph Mults
   80:    7              3          
   40:   74              6          
   20:  120              7          
   15:    4              0          
Total:  205     0       16         0  Total Score = 15,168

Club: Arizona Outlaws Contest Club


Fun contest. Mostly S&P but had a couple of good runs on 20M. I should have
stayed up later Sat night to work out 40M but good pooped out. Got up later than
I wanted on Sunday AM and 40M was weak. 20M was dead until 8AM and by then it
was time to get ready for church. Got back at 11AM and slogged it out the rest
of the afternoon. Checked 15M several times during the two days and only heard 4
stations. I called WD0T and I think he heard me but he faded out completely.
Sorry Todd. Big numbers heard from WQ5OO (N8OO) and N6RO. Not surprising since
they both have awesome stations. Thanks for the Q's 73 Paul NG7Z

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