[3830] RAC Day N5ZO M/S HP

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Mon Jul 2 00:38:02 EDT 2018

                    RAC Canada Day Contest

Call: N5ZO
Operator(s): N5ZO N6NC
Station: N5ZO

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 14
Remote Operation

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  CW Mults  Ph Mults
  160:    4              1          
   80:   30              4          
   40:  141     33       9         5
   20:  234    136      13         8
   15:   51      1       6         0
Total:  460    170      33        13  Total Score = 149,500

Club: Southern California Contest Club


We were screwing around to set up N1MM+ networking over internet during 1st hour
so got late start and we did not really optimize any operating, just sat down
when it felt like that and when other operator was not QRV.  But things worked
OK for Larry N6NC operating remote and me operating from station with updated
current log at both station and remote site computers.  Still could not figure
out how to network second radio PC also at station but it was not necessary for
this M/S anyway.  We should have operated much more SSB if we would have been
serious.  I did all SSB and totally 42 % of QSOs from station and Larry remoted
58 % of the Qs.  It was rough copying on 20 m SSB during Sunday.  Very poor
conditions.  Anyway, it was good experiment towards future multi operations. 
Tnx for Qs de Marko N5ZO

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