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Sun Jul 15 08:37:35 EDT 2018

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: VE9AA
Operator(s): VE9AA
Station: VE9AA

Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:    14            2        7
   80:   244           10       24
   40:   457           19       23
   20:   577           22       31
   15:   145           12       14
   10:    23            4       11
Total:  1460    0      69      110  Total Score = 969,464

Club: Maritime Contest Club


Since I sadly couldn't be there "on the field", the next best thing
was to play in it from home to support the guys who were there. CW only, SO1R.
Medium power.  Wires.

Highlights. Sooooo many Y8# stns to work-YEAH!.
  Also to make this better - many 'domestic' DL's also. A great showing from
Germany.  You guys did well.

Catching a suppertime opening to EU on 10m.  Worked a dozen or so loud HQ stns,
but nobody else on ! (everyone was on 20m I think)

The Y8# stns seemed to be louder on 80m than 40m for some reason....maybe I
moved to 40m too early and the band was too soft, but hit 80m at the right

Almost no activity from Carib/SA/AF, which I guess is abt right for this time of
year.  Still, disappointing. I could count the # of SA stns I worked on all
bands on 1 hand. :-(

I heard one Y8# stn not sending the "5NN" part of the report.  I tuned
across them a few times, so they did it for some time. Strange.  That's one way
to increase the # of Q's.....funny the Ref wouldn't have picked that up

Condx on 160m were punk, but managed several EU HQ stns, but almost no activity
from NA.

Radio 1 IC-7410

Antennas for Radio 1 include, but not limited to:

10m - Bent/twisted A3S on my shed ~24\\\'

15m - Bent/twisted A3S on my shed ~24\\\'

20m - Wire/Aluminum 4-square of inverted L\\\'s (Comtek)

40m - Wire 4-square in the trees (Comtek)

80m - Wire 4-square of Inverted L\\\'s in the trees (Comtek)

160m - Wire 2 element array of Inverted L\\\'s in the trees (Comtek)*currently

only 1 element in service due to some season known locally as winter and all
the wrath it brings.


Radio 2 - IC-7410<<<broken; not used.

Antenna for Radio 2 is a modified ZS6BKW with an added 15m inverted Vee.

80m-6m contest bands, no 160m<<<also broken/down...sigh


N1MM+, CM-500 Mic, N3ZN paddle, SO2R+ box.

(small 550w amps used for some contests)

Thanks for the Q\\\'s


CU (all of a sudden) in the next one.


dit dit


Mike in NB, VE9AA

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