[3830] NAQP RTTY W9KKN(@NW6P) Single Op LP

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Sun Jul 22 01:40:34 EDT 2018

                    North American QSO Party, RTTY - July

Call: W9KKN
Operator(s): W9KKN
Station: NW6P

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Cupertino, CA
Operating Time (hrs): 9.75

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:   32    13
   40:  114    34
   20:  193    40
   15:   67    27
   10:   24    15
Total:  430   129  Total Score = 55,470

Club: Northern California Contest Club

Team: NCCC Team #1


As always, thanks to Tom/NW6P for use of his station. 

As previously mentioned during our IARU/WRTC posting, the rotor on the tower had
stopped working cutting that effort short. Rafael (KG6DQL) and I unsuccessfully
attempted removal of the rotor for closer inspection Friday afternoon before
this contest, but we underestimated the effort involved as such things go. We
settled on just repositioning the beam to 70 degrees for NAQP, but to our
surprise, after turning loosening and turning the beam, the rotor started
working again! Something is still up and I'm sure we'll find out what soon. 

Due to a particularly taxing work week, I'm not sure I had as much energy for
this one as I normally do, but I enjoyed the contest. We had a nice 10m opening,
15 meters was alive for quite a long time, and the worst of it was honestly 80
meters (and 40 to some degree) due to QRN back east, I assume. The summer
version of this contest is a bit tricky as you'll get lulled into staying on the
higher bands too long and forget to leave time for the low bands.

This was also my first attempt at "low tones" in RTTY, which I found
to be much less fatiguing than the "high tones" I had been using for

Thanks for the Q's everyone, and with luck, I'll be QRV remote operation from W4
for the next NAQP (CW) in a couple weeks.

73! Bill/W9KKN

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