[3830] IOTA SQ6ABC(LZ1ABC) SO12Mixed LP

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Mon Jul 30 16:56:27 EDT 2018

                    IOTA Contest

Call: SQ6ABC
Operator(s): LZ1ABC
Station: LZ1ABC

Class: SO12Mixed LP
QTH: Wroclaw
Operating Time (hrs): 4

 Band  CW Qs  CW Mults  Ph Qs  Ph Mults
   20:   36       8       31      15
Total:   36       8       31      15  Total Score = 14,444



Was able to operate Sunday morning until my battery died (car battery). Need to
buy a deep cycle one so that I can survive for more than few ours on the air. A
solar panel will come in handy too. Petrol generator is not an option as it is
too noisy for my usual portable operations.
Antenna 1/4 vert for 20m approximately 2m up. Rig ts590 at max 50W. Next contest
will try a VDA.

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