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Fri Sep 7 14:24:07 EDT 2018

                    Kansas QSO Party

Call: W0B
Operator(s): W0BH N0Q K0WHY
Station: W0B

Class: Mobile MOST LP
QTH: 19 KS counties
Operating Time (hrs): 8.5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:    1      0       
   40:  103     36       
   20:  275    136       
Total:  379    172      0  Mults = 53  Total Score = 78,493



The 2018 Tenth Anniversary Kansas QSO Party by W0BH as W0B/m

Can you believe 10 years already? I almost can't, but the calendar says
otherwise, so we decided to make this year special!

With a record 61 1x1 calls, we spelled KANSAS, QSOPARTY, SUNFLOWER and our new
word, YELLOWBRICKROAD. One station reports working 59 out of 61, so we were out
there and available. We added a special category for FT8 and a new Portable
category. FT8 logs are still coming in and nine Portable stations answered the
challenge, so a big success on both. At the last minute we had 3 stations who
still wanted 1x1 calls, so I decided to apply for the X calls and have an X
Challenge to celebrate our Xth Anniversary. It turns out the X calls aren't
allowed, so we made a NotX Challenge instead using M calls plus one very last
minute J call. You can read about the NotX Challenge on the KSQP web site.

All 105 counties were once again covered both CW and SSB and John/N6MU claims
his eighth Kansas Sweep in a row. We double-covered all 105 counties, 95
counties were triple or more covered, and 93 counties were covered again on
Sunday. Great work by our 15 scheduled mobiles, at least 4 "pop-up"
mobiles, 9 portables, and great fixed stations!

After talking with our sponsors, we decided to offer TShirts and monogrammed
Sweatshirts this year instead of plaques .. not to buy, to earn! An antique
radio stamp theme TShirt was designed this summer and unveiled at the State
Convention in Salina, one week before the QSO party. My goal was to deliver as
many Ts as possible by hand because it was more fun and of course saved postage.
Forty Ts found new homes in Salina but I still had another 80 or so Kansas Ts to
go, so I planned a mobile route to visit 14 operations around the state. A
number of the operations were multi-op, so the potential to deliver lots of Ts
was there.

We had cool weather the entire week before the KSQP, but Saturday was typically
warm for August in Kansas. Heading west, my first stop was the W0C portable
operation on the Lyon/Coffey county line. I knew about where Vern/AE0TT should
be and I could hear him overloading the front end of my Icom 7000 on SSB, but no
Vern. Lorna/K0WHY my XYL driver spotted some tracks heading down a muddy dirt
road. We followed for a bit but decided we didn't want to get stuck, so we
reluctantly bailed. We later found out those weren't Vern's tracks, so good
decision. We might still be there!

It went from there, but with lots more success. Many of the ops were in the
Kansas City area and it was really fun to visit big stations, little stations,
outdoor shack stations, garage stations, old-radio stations, Flex-radio
stations, remote stations and a school station. The most fun was just learning
to know the ops. Lots to talk about, so I got further and further behind on my
route, arriving at my last stop in Topeka just at the closing bell. At least I
covered all my counties!  After another FB chat, we finally arrived back home in
Hesston after midnight.

An overnight recharge on the deep-cycle batteries and the van was ready to go
for Day 2. Aaron/N0QD came along to drive and operate with his own 1x1 call,
N0Q. First we headed to Reno county where AC0RL/Jerry wasn't operating N0F. We
dodged around downed trees and power trucks, and basically wondered what tornado
we'd missed. Jerry said 90 mph downburst winds caught his neighborhood the
previous night as storms came through and he spent all day cleaning up. Luckily
his tower stayed vertical although a number of his wire antennas didn't. He
later put N0F on the air which we appreciate even more having seen the damage.

After visiting another Reno county operation, we headed north to Kanopolis State
Park and Rock City State Park where two excellent portable operations were going
strong. Either place would have been a great location to finish out the QSO
party, but we had one more scheduled stop which turned out to be "way out
there!" Aaron/KS0LP has recently moved to the rolling hills of Dickinson
county and you can only get there by back, unpaved roads. After going the long
way around (maybe a bit lost), we finally arrived to find him operating K0D as a
Kansas Rookie from a true ham "shack," and having a great time I might
add. The same could be said for most everyone, I think! 


We operated 8.5 hours, 772 miles, 938 combined Qs, 269 unique calls, 7 dupes,
one radio and visited 14 1x1 call operations.

States not worked ------ : MS AK IA NE 
VE not worked ---------- : NS SK NT NU YT PE NL
KS worked (6 counties) - : LOG JOH WIL WYA JEF CLO
DX worked (2 countries)- : OM DL

Combined rate : 110/hr

Six-hour Rates
2018 rates not calculated since we made so many stops, but previous history

--------------------- 2017--2016--2015--2014--2013--2012--2011--2010--2009
Saturday 1400-2000 --- 120 - 104 - 114 - 109 - 124 - 114 - 129 -- 86 - 145
Saturday 2000-0200 --- 102 - 137 - 108 - 111 - 109 - 124 -- 86 -- 67 - 114
Sunday   1400-2000 --- 192 - 192 - 101 - 127 - 172 - 134 - 106 - 123 - 164

W0B/m County Breakdown (in visited order)

Saturday (470 miles)
01 MCP 02 McPherson
02 MRN 30 Marion
03 CHS 40 Chase
04 LYO 36 Lyon
05 COF 19 Coffey
06 OSA 18 Osage
07 FRA 34 Franklin
08 MIA 43 Miami
09 JOH 29 Johnson
10 WYA 22 Wyandotte
11 LEA 44 Leavenworth
12 DOU 12 Douglas
13 SHA 09 Shawnee

Sunday (302 miles)
14 HVY 25
15 REN 29
16 RIC 30
17 ELS 37
18 SAL 30
19 OTT 62

Special thanks to the following ops for 5 or more contacts:

29: K7SV N8II
13: N6MU
12: N6ZFO
11: NS2N
07: K3WJV

1x1 stations worked (4) : K0B K0W K0R W0R
Other Kansas worked (2) : KD0YWZ WB0SRP

W0BH Award Winners - First Place - Very Honorable Mention
Most overall Qs ---- N8II/K7SV/29  N6MU/13 -- N6ZFO/12
Most CW Qs --------- K7SV/20 ----- N8II/18 -- N6MU/10
Most PH Qs --------- N8II/11 ----- K7SV/9 --- WA1SAY/KK6TBN/4
Most counties ------ N8II/17 ----- K7SV/15 -- N6MU/10

Last year I tried to name and thank everyone associated with the KSQP. That
turned out to be several paragraphs and I worried that I'd miss someone. This
year I'm simply going to say THANK YOU to all in and out-of-state sponsors, ops,
and support team (log-checking, web and stamps) who made this Tenth Anniversary
Kansas QSO Party so much fun for all. I'm truly overwhelmed with the support and
comments from individual ops, clubs and teams in Kansas and out. So let's keep
this going and see what we can all do for next year!

73, Bob/w0bh/w0b with Aaron/n0qd/n0q and Lorna/k0why
2018 KSQP Coordinator

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