[3830] MWaveSprngSprnt W2RMA Single Op LP

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Tue May 7 06:12:01 EDT 2019

                    Microwave Spring Sprint - 2019

Call: W2RMA
Operator(s): W2RMA
Station: W2RMA

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: EN90xh
Operating Time (hrs): 2.5

Total:  QSOs = 10  Max Dist(km) = 352  Total Score = 2,995



Good fun in spite of car battery dying.  Only made it to 2 EN90 sub grids so I
can't claim rover status.  

40% of Qs were 3cm - VA3ELE 3cm Q was longest Q at 352km followed closely by
W3SZ at 347km.  Sri Roger!  Worked K1RZ Q5 over the mountains between us on
tropo w/o RS, AS help, a first.  Finished up with K8ZR in EN91, a new grid.  Tnx

Have to figure out why I don't hear so well on 902-3456 even though I have
<=1dB NF LNAs and was heard.  RF noise from PC, regulators, cross XVTR RF
leakage?  Neighborhood RF noise?  Always something.

2nd stop was roadside at EN90xi.  Forgot my sunscreen so put my sweatshirt over
my head to keep from getting so red.  Had some law enforcement 'visitors' stop
by wondering what I was up to.  Nice enough guys.  One was from near Vint Hill,
VA, a secret WWII radio listening/training facility.  Cones and a ham plate

What can EACH of us do to infect others with the microwave virus?  LOTS of fun! 
222up and 10up are coming...take a prospect with you!

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