[3830] MWaveSprngSprnt K1RZ Single Op LP

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Wed May 8 07:57:35 EDT 2019

                    Microwave Spring Sprint - 2019

Call: K1RZ
Operator(s): K1RZ
Station: K1RZ

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: MD  FM19jh
Operating Time (hrs): 6

Total:  QSOs = 40  Max Dist(km) = 524  Total Score = 10,053

Club: Mt Airy VHF Radio Club


It was good to shake the cobwebs out of the rigs to be sure these rigs are ready
for June.  Conditions seemed average, yet there was good activity.  Took
advantage of Airplane Scatter with VA3ELE to complete on 2304. Thanks to W3SZ
for his AircraftScatterSharp application, which allowed Peter and I to
"see" the probable aircraft making the path between us.   We watched
AircraftScatterSharp through the last few hours of the Sprint to allow us to
know when to try.   Close liaison (ON4KST and/or Text) made that work for us. 
Thanks also to Bill W2RMA for going out to the water-tower and providing my
furthest contact on 10 Ghz at 267 km's.  Overall farthest contact was with Dana
VE3DS in FN03FQ on 902 MHz at 524 km's with close runners up Bob K8TQK at 517
km's (902 & 1296) and Peter VA3ELE at 513 km's (902, 1296 & 2304).   

Thanks to N1MM+ for the User Defined Contest "SpringVHF&UpSprint",
which when imported into the N1MM Logger+ UserDefinedContest subdirectory shows
as "VHFSPRING" when creating New Log in Database.   First time I had a
contest log for the sprints which immediately calculates the distances.  And, of
course, this UDC is usable in the Fall Sprints too.

Thanks to Central States VHF Society for their sponsoring of this event.  
Thanks to everyone who got on and especially to those I was fortunate enough to
work.   We all need to spread-the-word about the FUN we had to get more
operators to come "up" and join us on the Microwaves.

73, Dave  K1RZ  FM19jh   301-980-5507

 Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts  
   902  CW       7    2853    
   902  USB      4     489    
  1240  CW      11    3897    
  1240  USB      6     910    
  2300  CW       5    1244    
  2300  USB      1      16    
  3300  CW       1     178    
  3300  USB      1      16    
  5650  USB      1      16    
 10000  CW       2     418    
 10000  USB      1      16    
 Total  Both    40   10053   
             Score: 10,053

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