[3830] 50SprngSprnt N6GP Single Op LP

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Sun May 12 18:21:58 EDT 2019

                    50 MHz Spring Sprint - 2019

Call: N6GP
Operator(s): N6GP
Station: N6GP

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 3

Total:  QSOs = 21  Mults = 6  Total Score = 126

Club: Southern California Contest Club


Never done these VHF Sprints before this year, so 6m Sprint was a first for me. 
Was a good chance to try out my TS-590SG portable.  Had problems with radio
resets, and I think RF was getting fed back from Moxon.  Time for a choke
Lots of activity on FT8 in the So Calif area.  16 of my QSOs were FT8, the other
5 SSB.   About half of the FT8 stations were using NA Contest Mode.  Not as big
of a deal anymore if they aren't, with the following exception.  Some stations
have TX2 double clicked, so that means they are skipping over grid square, and
starting with the signal report.  The whole point of this contest and other VHF
contests is to send grid square, so make sure you are sending it!
The 2 that got away.  I heard W2ODH from DM24 on 50.125, but I couldn't get
through with all the activity there.  Would have been an ATNO grid.  About 0330
on .125 I heard a brief conversation "... also in BK29".  A couple
Hawaians making a contact.  Must have been a meteor burst.  Best DX: N6WS in
DM95, Tropo

Will be interesting to see how the June VHF contest shakes out between FT8 and
SSB/CW.   Its a trade off of rate vs distance.  For locals, I would prefer the
rate on SSB.
Tim N6GP

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