[3830] ArQP K5RM Multi-Op Mobile LP

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Mon May 13 20:38:32 EDT 2019

                    Arkansas QSO Party - 2019

Call: K5RM
Operator(s): K5RM K5LG
Station: K5RM

Class: Multi-Op Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:    0     0       0
   40:  414     0       0
   20:  242     0       0
   15:    0     0       0
   10:    0     0       0
    2:    0     0       0
Total:  656     0       0  Mults = 46  Total Score = 60,352



Well this was the first ever mobile contest that I've tried too work.  Les
(K5LG) and myself tried and mobile run this time at the last minute.  Planned it
the weekend before the contest.  We had a lot of fun running mobile. Might of
found a new way to do the AQP and possible the surrounding states during there
QSO parties.
 Les and I and his brother JD  who was our spectator, a long for the ride, 
started out close to Lester's house and was able to find a spot that in the
corner of four counties.  We stayed there for about an hour and half. It was
neat watching the points and Q count go up quickly with every contact being
worth four Q's.  We then started moving south towards Marshall and then over to
Mtn. View.  We found another spot on the other side of Mtn View to activate 2
counties and sometimes 3 counties.  That's the way too go, so next year I will
study my map better and try to find more places like that to sit an operate and
not have to drive through every county.  We were on some roads that I've not
been on in a long time and some that I've never been on.  Had to stop and turn
around a few times to get on the right road.  We didn't go as far south as I
thought we were going to, but I think we still activated most of the counties we
intended on.  Forty was our best band, 20 at times was ok too but not as good as
forty was.  We tried eighty meters a few times, but our 75 mtr resonator
wouldn't tune out good, so we just gave up on that.  We had three different 75
mtr resonators and all were good at about 3760 mhz and even with the stinger all
the way out never could get resonate 3540 mhz.  Will have  too figure that out
next time or buy a new one.  
After dropping Les and his brother off at Lester's QTH, I drove close too home
and activated Carroll county with about 30 minutes left in contest and made a
few more Q's there and got one more multiplier, so that made it worth it.  
I would like to that everyone for the Q's and congrats too all of the other
mobile station's.  I hope we activated most of the counties in AR.  We only
worked two AR counties and no bonus stations this year.  We even worked a few DX
station's TM6M was really strong and we worked him several times on 40 mtrs. 
Always nice to work DX mobile, at least you know your getting out.  
Thanks again and see everyone on next contest.


Hustler 20 & 40 mtr resonators
2 batteries..

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