[3830] CWopsT N4FP HP

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Wed May 22 15:49:24 EDT 2019

                    CWops Mini-CWT Test - 1900Z May 22

Call: N4FP
Operator(s): N4FP
Station: N4FP

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Ocala, FL
Operating Time (hrs): .367

 Band  QSOs
   20:  57
Total:  57  Mults = 57  Total Score = 3,249

Club: Florida Contest Group


Wow, this made me smile.  N4GL and I are sharing her Flex 6300 in my shack with
the AL-80B amp until my rig returns (it's now on it's way back)from repairs. We
made the agreement I have 30 minutes or 50 contacts, whichever comes first.  I
ran a solid 20 minutes and made 50 contacts. I then sent N4FP QRT but stations
were still calling and Marty suggested I continue. 2 minutes and 7 contacts
later, without sending my call, I again sent N4FP QRT and the band was quiet.
I'd say 20 is in great shape with my beam aimed straight north the entire time.
What fun!

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