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Sun May 26 20:20:27 EDT 2019

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW - 2019

Call: KS0MO
Operator(s): K0VXU
Station: KS0MO

Class: SO(A)AB HP
QTH: Kansas
Operating Time (hrs): 8:02

 Band  QSOs
   20:  353
   15:  159
   10:   21
Total:  533  Prefixes = 311  Total Score = 265,383

Club: Kansas City Contest Club


K3,TL-922A, JK midtri40, N1MM+

I had planned to operate SB40 but the feedline to the 40 meter portion of the
antenna came loose and pulled out of connector.  NO 40 meters.

But, the triband section of the antenna was still functional, so I did SOAB.
I put this antenna up the day before leaving for Dayton so I had not had a
chance to put it through its paces.   This contest was just what I needed.

Since I knew I wouldn't be in the hunt, I did a fun, partial operation.  I only
had Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon to operate.  I have not been on the
bands lately so I had no idea as to the propagation.

Well I started on 20 and the antenna seemed to perform well.  Somehow this
antenna has a much narrower beamwidth than the TH6DXX but about the same gain. 
I worked most of what I could hear.  The switch to 15 meters proved fruitful as
I was able to work many stations.  Not as many mults on 15, but lots of
stations. 10 meters was open for a while to mostly stateside, but still it was

All in all this was a success from the standpoint of maximizing my QSOs with
limited time and of the performance of the JK antenna.

Great to see many of the KCCC members slugging it out on the bands, too.

Thanks to all who stuck with me when QRM got bad and thanks to all who gave a

I hope to have all portions of the antenna functional by fall when I can give a
real workout.

Russ - KS0MO (AKA K0VXU)

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