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Sun May 26 20:38:14 EDT 2019

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW - 2019

Call: AC5AA
Operator(s): AC5AA
Station: AC5AA

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 5

 Band  QSOs
  160:    0
   80:    0
   40:   24
   20:   68
   15:   20
   10:    0
Total:  112  Prefixes = 89  Total Score = 16,465

Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club


Received my new Maestro right before the contest so decided to use it during the
contest to get familiarized with the functions.  It was a little frustrating
because all my muscle memory built over the last 5  years of using Flex-6000
rigs on the computer with just a tuning knob (Flex-Control) was opposite of
using it with the Maestro.  Eventually, I worked up a rhythm, but will have to
rearrange the operating position a bit to make it all work.  Fun as usual
despite the QSB which seemed more noticeable this year.  I'm sure my huge
contribution will put CTDXCC over the top - hi, hi! 
    73, Duane  AC5AA

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